Daria Urban-Kostyk

Product Designer

Hi, I'm Daria - product designer with 7+ years’ experience in building visually engaging, functional and user-centered interfaces.

I mostly work with big companies, helping to rethink and improve their digital products. My everyday challenges are to build new components, design complex features and support new product releases. No matter the task, there are always some key areas that I particularly care about like design thinking - as a part of creative process and meeting accessibility standards as a foundation of every digital product.

From time to time, I also enjoy working on smaller startup projects that allow to go through an end-to-end process in e.g. building a native app. In my spare time, as a person with artistic background I love to create drawings, animations and graphics as a way to relax and pour out creative thinking into some different directions.

Please note that all my portfolio case studies were created for the recruitment purpose only and are password protected. If you are interested in checking them, pls contact me by email: urban.daria@gmail.com